Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A screw loose

The sign states: "do you have a screw loose again?" as seen on the window at the optometrist office. 

This just struck me as a funny way to greet customers...

Friday, December 18, 2009

FedEx = Fail !

Shortly after our dinner tonight someone pulled into the driveway, honked the horn and sat there waiting for us to come out. in the dark. Come to find out, it was FedEx who was returning to deliver, or should I say re-deliver a cake that was sent from a friend as a gift. Tomorrow is my birthday, I was looking forward to a good piece of NY cheesecake! 

The cake was delivered this morning while we were at our daughter's school for her Christmas party. When we arrived home around noon, there was nothing here except for the usual mail, letters etc. WE NEVER SAW THIS SUPPOSED CAKE BOX!

Back to tonight: this story suddenly gets strange when the driver tells my husband that he is a supervisor and one of his drivers accidentally picked up this box and brought it back to their warehouse because he had an order to pick up an office chair that was to be returned. Indeed, they were supposed to pick up an office chair to be returned two days ago... they never showed. So driver #2 picked up the cake box, knowing that his order was to pick up an office chair? People, tell me - are these two things even remotely the same size? lol 

Mr. Supervisor is very apologetic about the mix up, "Sir, here is is your cake, enjoy!" and drives off. About 15 mins later my hubby opens the cake box: 

It looked like Rudolph took a Christmas dump on it! What was supposed to be green holly looked like green turds all piled up and clumpy. The dry ice in the package was gone... hmmm.

This is what it should have looked like:

Pretty, huh?

Well, I don't know if we will be eating the one we received. It was supposed to have been delivered overnight which would have been yesterday, then it sat on my front porch for an hour, then it traveled the city in the back of a delivery van for a day only to be delivered in the dark at the end of Friday. 

Thank goodness for Costco and their unbelievable timing at getting in the Bakery Street scratch made RED VELVET CAKE! It's absolutely the best cake I've ever eaten and Costco only gets it once a year. The bakery is in San Leandro, CA.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Something FREE at Christmas time

Hey hey.. Merry Christmas! is giving away free MP3 music downloads everyday until Christmas. Follow my link here for the page to the complete list: Amazon's 25 Days of Christmas you will have to click on each one individually and download to your computer. Free is GOOD!