Monday, March 22, 2010

Books on CHESS for sale!

Divinsky, Nathan - The Batsford Chess Encyclopedia. B.T. Batsford, London, 1990. Very Good with Very Good dustjacket. Hardcover. Contains: biographies of every Grandmaster and all major figures; accounts and tables of the greatest tournaments in history; Explanations of all technical terms; Over 100 of the greatest games ever played; Photos of all the great players. There are also entries on every aspect of the game, from variant forms of chess to chess history. An outstanding reference for the chess buff! 247 pages. Index. Inventory #002072 Price: $25.00

Horowitz, Israel A.; Reinfeld, Fred - How to Think Ahead in Chess: The Methods and Techniques of Planning your Entire Game. Simon And Schuster, NY, 1979. Very Good. Soft cover. This book will enable you to guide the game into channels of your own choosing whether you are playing white or black. It shows you a revolutionary treatment of the openings. Fireside Chess Library series. Illustrated with diagrams. 274 pages. Inventory #002070 Price: $8.00

Keene, Raymond - Winning Moves. Collier Books, NY, 1992. Very Good condition Soft cover. 240 chess positions/puzzles, taken from the popular daily chess column of The Times, whereby the player whose move it is has a knockout blow available to beat the opposition. Keene was an International Grandmaster. Illustrated with diagrams. 111 pages. Inventory #002071 Price: $8.00

Mednis, Edmar - How to Play Good Opening Moves. David McKay Company, NY, 1982. Good condition Trade Paperback. International Grandmaster Mednis provides emphasis on principles - starting with the very first move, the reader learns how to select good opening moves just by observing the three primary principles of opening play. 128 pages. Inventory #000283 Price: $10.00

Reinfeld, Fred - How to Be A Winner at Chess. Fawcett, NY, 1996. Good condition Trade Paperback. How to Be a Winner at Chess is the result of twenty years' experience and study: and it is something unique in chess books — an amusing, easily read, and even more easily understood book for the vast majority of "in-between" players, those who have been checkmated too many times or who have been bogged down in the innumerable rules of various experts. Reinfeld gives you twelve basic, simple rules for winning play. All the types of checkmates, the relative importance of the chess pieces, and simple, effective strategies are discussed succinctly. And there are three important chapters on the three strongest moves the check, the capturing threat, and the pawn promotion. Reinfeld always emphasizes practice over theory; he gives you the rules and demonstrates exactly how you should use them. For those who don't know the rules or who might have forgotten them, there is a chapter with all the basic rules and moves, and a brief resume of the system of chess notation. 189 pages. index. Inventory# 000285 Price: $5.00

Reinfeld, Fred - The Complete Book of Chess Stratagems. Dover, NY, 1972. Very Good condition Trade Paperback. Noted chess authority and teacher Reinfeld gives 526 situations from master play and from the normal course of many chess games. Unabridged reprint of the original edition. Chess notation. 188 pages. 526 diagrams. Inventory #2068 Price: $5.00
Reinfeld, Fred - The Complete Chessplayer. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1982. Very Good condition Trade Paperback.Complete guide to openings, tactics, and basic principles to good chess playing. Includes several sections on "openings" and illustrative games with diagrams. The laws of chess, index of rules and general index. 292 pages. Inventory#002069 Price: $6.00

Schiller, Eric - Encyclopedia of Chess Wisdom. Carrdoza Publishing, Brooklyn, 1999. Good condition Trade Paperback. Illustrated. The most important concepts, strategies, tactics, wisdom, and thinking that very chess player must know, plus the golden nuggets of knowledge behind every attack and defense, are collected in this one highly focused volume targeted to beginning and intermediate players. 432 pages. Inventory #000293 Price: $10.00

Smith, Ken & John Hall - Modern Art of Attack. Chess Digest, Inc., Dallas, 1988. Very Good condition Trade Paperback. The Era of Tal, Fischer & Kasparov .Illustrated. "The Modern Art of Attack" completes a great circle back to the past. Without the unsound gambits and bad positional judgements, the era of Anderssen and Morphy are revisted - it is the story of daring and justified risks in attack or defense. 170 pages. Inventory #000304 Price: $12.00

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