Tuesday, April 20, 2010

House for sale - complete with family and kitchen appliances. what a deal!

Victorian Dollhouse kit + miniature furniture + ceramic doll family!

We are preparing to move in the next few months and trying to downsize our collection of *stuff* as George Carlin says…. This is a dollhouse kit I have had for a long time, I have been the only owner, it was assembled (body, windows, staircase only without embellishments) ONCE and then I disassembled it and put it in a box where it’s been stored for years. This item is ready to be re-assembled and painted the colors of your choosing, decorated and designed the way you like. It’s in good condition, I don’t see any issues with the structure as it hasn’t been handled or moved in a long time. I have the instruction/assembly manual, roof shingles and everything that came with it basically. This might be a fun summer project for someone :-)

This is a wonderful little house for the new collector. Features include silk-screened windows, a quaint front porch, and four ample rooms. Gingerbread trim on ridge and roof make this cottage especially appealing.  Set-up dimensions: 18" W x 13" D x 23 ½" H

In addition I am adding some miniature furnishing and things I purchased separately:

A kitchen sink, stove and refrigerator
A bathroom sink
Rolltop desk
Christmas Tree
Christmas wreath set
Pots and Pans set
4 piece Victorian porcelain dollhouse family set (still in the box)

PRICE: $45.00

  Please leave a comment here if you are interested or send an email to me at christythebooknerd(at)gmail.com

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