Monday, May 30, 2011

Books for our Men and Women in the Military <~~~~~ in honor of our men and women in the military: how to share books with troops overseas. Please pass it on!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A fun find at the garage sale

$1.00 for a vintage recipe book/divider. Empty. I'm going to use it for loose recipes cut out of magazines! It's like a bellow folder that ties with a red ribbon on the side. Love it! What's cooking in your kitchen?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Amazing Book Ends - now on my Wish List!

oooooooooooooh I just stumbled across these awesome bookends on Levenger's website and I would really love to have the David McCullough's Typewriter or the Eastman Kodak Brownie Camera! Maybe both. They now are featured on my wish list. Must sell some more books, first!

Friday, May 20, 2011

First Maitz; Selected Works by Don Maitz [Artist]

First Maitz; Selected Works by Don Maitz

1988: Ursus Imprints.

Limited Edition #107/224 SI
GNED by Gene Wolfe & Don Maitz. Includes a signed/numbered frameable print. Hardcover in slipcase. Maitz has received 2 Hugo awards, a special Hugo for best original artwork, a Howard Award, the Silver Medal of Excellence from the Society of Illustrators, the Inkpot Award & 10 Chesley Awards for his creative efforts. Includes select paintings with commentary from the most popular works as well as from a number of unpublished illustrations - mostly full page illustrations with some in b&w. Unpaginated 4to. In addition to his fabulous Science Fiction and Fantasy art, his most widely-known creation is the "Captain" character of the Captain Morgan brand of rum! PRICE: $115.00 **FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.

For more information on this artist, please see his webpage:

For my Bibliophile ladies, prepare to get your inner book-nerd on with some neat book jewelry:

Bookearrings' "book jewelry is available in 11 different marbled papers, and a printed text cover paper. The paper is from Kebel's "Reports" a book printed in England in 1686. When we found the book it was missing its cover and the first 50 pages, and it had been setting in water, but we were able to save some of the upper half of the pages to use for our book jewelry. Please note that every pair of our book earrings and book jewelry are made by hand from paper that is decorated by hand, so the exact patterns will always vary." Please check out their work! Bookearrings (and more):

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Journal with the Poetry of Rumi

Illustrated by Michael Green, Translations by Coleman Barks

1999: Sausalito, CA; Brush Dance Books

A writing journal with the poetry of Rumi and the colorful and inspiring artwork of Michael Green. Poetry and illustrations on every fourth page. Translations by Coleman Barks. Special flexible hardcover binding for easy writing. 

Price: $14.98 

Send me an email if you are interested in purchasing this title. Thanks for viewing this post!

[SOLD] Masonic Bible - The Holy Bible - The Great Light in Masonry containing the Old and New Testaments

The Bible and King Solomon's Temple in Masonry by John Wesley Kelchner

1951. Philadelphia: A.J. Holman and Co. Blue leatherette gilt-stamped covers - like new as presented in 1953.
Also known as "The Holy Bible - The Great Light in Masonry containing the Old and New Testaments [KJV]. 

This comes in the original box. Silk bookmark, has gilt edges & gilt stamped cover, ephemera inserts, dedication page is filled out & has signatures from Friendship Lodge #160. This edition features a fully illustrated section - some in color - of King Solomon's Temple and Citadel. Includes A Masonic Creed, The Masonic Belief, and The Masonic Teaching statements in the intro. 

PRICE: $25.00

*A few dollars for shipping is additional. 
 I can accept Paypal payments, money order or personal check.

Boise Foothills as seen from trail above the Idaho Botanical Gardens (yesterday)

Photo of the Boise Foothills as seen from trail above the Idaho Botanical Gardens (yesterday). If you can enlarge this full size you'll see the cross at the top. What an amazing day! xoxo

[May 2011]

iPhone photo: snowy Fall morning in Boise, Idaho photo: Hidden Springs covered w/ snow. Near beautiful #Boise Idaho! It's a Wintry Fall morning. More coffee? A good day to cuddle up with a stack of books and magazines...