Friday, August 26, 2011

Kleeco's Re-Markable Alpha Print Book All - Makes Every Desk a Blackboard!

Vintage educational home-school type chalkboard book for sale:

Kleeco's Re-Markable Alpha Print Book All - "Makes Every Desk a Blackboard"

1967: Kleeco Publishing Inc, Chicago, IL. Oblong 8vo: dimensions 12"x9"x1/4" 27 pages. Thick flexible covers sewn together at the spine with thick red yarn/thread in Good condition.

This chalkboard-style workbook was designed to teach young children writing and sequencing numbers 1-10 the pages have room to practice both upper case and lower case letters.  The pages are chalckboard green and are designed to be used with chalk, which could then be wiped clean with a cloth and used again. Most of the pages of the alphabet book have been written on with chalk and wiped clean, leaving some faint marks. The "B" page has two swipes from an ink pen - may be removable (I haven't tried) but this doesn't interfere with it's use or readability, two faint ink marks on front cover as well.

Manuscript print workbook with phonic symbols, directional arrows, sequence numbers, word examples.

Price: $20. (plus a few dollars shipping within the U.S.) Please contact me if you are interested.

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