Monday, January 30, 2012

TSR Original GAMMA WORLD Modules - Retro RPG adventures with maps

I have a LOT of TSR (and other publishers) RPG books to offer for sale. Today I started on one box, it's a slow process of re-pricing and inventorying then listing for sale on loathesome Amazon. I miss selling online via the old used book networks - and also selling in a brick and mortar store. Things have changed so much over the years. Yet here I am, still trying to sell books. 

Here's a few of the GAMMA WORLD books - pass on this page if you know someone who might find it fun to trip down memory lane with some old RPG books.


Legion of Gold (Gamma World Module GW1) [Paperback] by Gary Gygax, Luke Gygax - Minor shelfwear at edges/corners. 1981 Original TSR Hobbies exploration module #7503. ISBN 093569661X. This is the first Gamma World mod to be produced by TSR. Includes the main Legion of Gold adventure, several mini-adventures which lead up to it, background information, suggestions for the referee, a special players' map and numerous referee's maps. $20.00

Beta Principle (Gamma World Module GW7) by Nesmith, Bruce - 1987 Original TSR Hobbies adventure module #7510. ISBN 0880384042. In factory shrinkwrap.  $18.00

Famine in Far-Go (Gamma World module GW2) [Paperback] by Michael Price - Minor shelfwear at edges/corners. 1982 Original TSR Hobbies survival module #7502. ISBN 0935696881. This mod contains referee notes, background information, map, new creatures, mutations, robotic units, and new rules for use with Gamma World! $48.49

Epsilon Cyborgs (Gamma World, GW 10) by Kim Eastland - Minor edgewear to cover, no noted internal markings. Original TSR Hobbies adventure module #7513. ISBN 0880384778. This adventure also contains a system fo generating player character and non-player character robots! Maps. $25.00

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these or looking for specific RPG titles!

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