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Books by respected Cooking / Gastronomy author M.F.K. Fisher

[book #1 SOLD] Sister Age & Serve it Forth by MFK Fisher - available

Sister Age by M.F.K. Fisher - 1983. NY: Alfred A. Knopf. Good+ / Good + Dustjacket. 1st Edition. 243 pages. "M.F.K. Fisher's unusual literary life has been devoted to elevating two inescapable processes, eating and aging, from the realm of necessity (and of neurosis) to the status of art. She is best known as a 'philosopher of food,'as Clifton Fadiman called her in his introduction to a collection of her gastronomical writings, The Art of Eating [1954]...Seventy-five this year, she has now published fifteen excellent short stories. . . . Some of the stories are in fact memoirs... Other stories dip into fantasy...The most ambitious, and also the most successful and moving, story in the collection, 'Another Love Story,' masterfully blends memory and fantasy. M.F.K. Fisher's imagination is expansive. Her memory is round and deep." --From Ann Hulbert [The New Republic].  

In these fifteen remarkable stories, M.F.K. Fisher, one of the most admired writers of our time, embraces age as St. Francis welcomed Brother Pain. With a saint to guide us, she writes in her Foreword, perhaps we can accept in a loving way "the inevitable visits of a possibly nagging harpy like Sister Age" But in the stories, it is the human strength in the unavoidable encounter with the end of life that Mrs. Fisher dramatizes so powerfully. Other themes the importance of witnessing death, the marvelous resilience of the old, the passing of vanity are all explored with insight, sympathy and, often, a sly wit.

Bookseller Inventory #000342. Price: $15.

Serve it Forth by M.F.K. Fisher - 1989: North Point Press, San Francisco. Trade Paperback. Very Good condition.  

In Serve It Forth, her first book, M. F. K. Fisher takes readers on an animated journey through culinary history, beginning with the honey-loving Greeks and the immoderate Romans. Fisher recalls a hunt for snails and truffles with one of the last adepts in that art and recounts how Catherine de Medici, lonely for home cooking, touched off a culinary revolution by bringing Italian chefs to France. Each essay makes clear the absolute firmness of Fisher's taste--contrarian and unique--and her skill at stirring memory and imagination into a potent brew. 146 pages.

Bookseller Inventory #001198. Price: $11.

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