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The New Golden Bough: A New Abridgment of Sir James Frazer's Classic Work

New Golden Bough

New Golden Bough [dj flap]

The New Golden Bough: A New Abridgment of Sir James Frazer's Classic Work
by Theodor H. Gaster

1959. NY: Criterion Books. xxx; 737pp. Very good condition hardcover/ Good dustjacket with some chips along edges, some darkening of spine. First printing of this edition. Dustjacket illustration by Joseph Low.

Contents: Editor's Foreword; SYNOPSIS; Author's Introduction; The Magic of Kings; Taboo and the Perils of the Soul; Death and Resurrection: The Rhythm of Nature; Dying and Reviving Gods; Spirits of the Corn and Wild; The Riddance of Evil; Between Old and New; The Golden Bough; index. This work is a scholarly effort to present a fresh condensation of Sir James Frazer’s classic 12-volume work, incorporating selections from the Aftermath (1936). Included are: a synopsis and foreword analyzing the original work and comparing it with the new abridgement, a new division of subtopics, numbered paragraphs for the purpose of cross-referencing Frazer’s notes (unavailable in earlier one-volume editions) and the editor’s additional notes, and a sizeable index to topics, places, and references. In the intervening hundred years, The Golden Bough has had enormous influence on the rapidly expanding fields of anthropology and sociology, as well as the studies of mythology and religion.

[Mythology, Religion, Magic, Superstition, Homeopathy, Folklore, Anthropology]

Price: $25.00

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